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Tires, All Inclusive Warranty & Assembly from 8 € / month
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Tyres + Fitting

Includes the selected tyres as well as their first fitting on your rims. The tyres are balanced and the valve systematically changed.


Unconditional warranty

Covers any punctures, deterioration or acts of vandalism that may occur during the subscription term.


Tyre Inspection

Checks the state of your tyres (depth, damage … etc) at the start of the Mobox subscription.

Stay calm, quiet and serene at the wheel!

Mobox takes care of everything and offers you a subscription plan adapted to your needs for your tires Assembly of your Premium tires, guarantee all damages, annual control, reminder of important dates … Mobox packages include everything. And more, if you choose the formulas Mobox Zen and Mobox INTEGRAL.

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* Starting monthly price for 2 summer or winter Bridgestone tyres 175/65R14 82TT


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«The guarantee is concrete» I punctured during my vacation barely 1 month after subscribing to Mobox. A Mobox partner quickly repaired the tire at no extra charge. Pedro, 35, Bordeaux

«It’s clear and all inclusive» Forget the unexpected bills. Each month, the amount collected is fixed and transparent. Everything is under control, it’s great! Sarah, 25, Paris


I’ve got a flat tyre! What should I do?

It isn't very cool to have a flat tyre. Firstly, because driving with a flat tyre greatly reduces the possibility of a garage repair. Calmly stop on the side of the road and switch on your hazard lights. Never change a left wheel on the hard shoulder of a highway or...

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Why try premium brands?

When you buy high-end tires, you get safer, more comfortable driving, with a better control on the road and more traction. Premium tyres also benefit from significantly improved fuel economy and reduced braking distances. Premium brands include Bridgestone,...

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Already 1000 Mobox subscribers

After a launch at the end of 2017, hundreds of users have relied on us for the fitting of their summer or winter tyres. The new MOBOX Light package launched in 2018 and is already a hit at our partner First Stop. Feel free to follow us on our Linkedin page to stay...

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